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Visit & Sharing @ MOL Tokwawan Studio

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Wheel Thing Makers (Registered Society under group of Making On Loft), making advocacy group is "Artist group of Residency" of Hong Chi Morninghope School (Tuen Mun) (匡智屯門晨輝學校) , a SEN school over the past 3 years and we will continue to station in the School to create art education with community art as supported by the scheme of "Arts-in-School Partnership Scheme 「學校與藝團伙伴計劃」" under HKADC ( Our member will station in campus for making arts and organising art programme for the student in school regularly. If you and your organization would like to understand us about the routine and specific arts and educational programme, reach us in details for information about, 1) Campus Tour; 2) Featured group tour with sharing and taste of mini-workshop; 3) Chit-chat on campus; and 4) Discuss for further collaboration

Campus Tour 軸物別館 @屯門晨輝

Artist in Residency, Campus Tour @ Morninghope (Tuen Mun)